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Over the past few years, the Nautilus Goldie Restaurant has become one of the best-rated and most searched restaurants in the Czech Republic. Thanks to your votes and your favored, the Godlie restaurant was awarded in the Maurer’s Restaurant Choice as the 10th best restaurant in the Czech Republic. The Goldie restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Nautilus. It focuses on Czech and international cuisine in a light and modern concept with the use of regional and fresh ingredients. Thanks to the high ceilings, large mirrors and rich interior decoration from local craftsmen and famous Czech artists including Olbram Zoubek, it offers a unique view of Žižkovo Square and its historic buildings. There is a small terrace just outside the restaurant with a fascinating atmosphere of the historic center, accessible over the summer months.

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Chef Martin Svatek

Allow me to warmly welcome you to our restaurant Goldie. Our cuisine focuses on Czech gastronomy in a modern, lighter concept. We use regional and always fresh ingredients, with which we work fairly and with love.

Our philosophy can be described in three simple rules: Return to the Nature, Respect to our Health and a Freedom of Thoughts.

I have focused on the Czech cuisine for my entire career and as a member of the National association of cooks and pastry chefs team of the Czech Republic, I had the opportunity to peek under the lid of the cuisines of many corners of the world and bring the best ideas back to Tábor for you. Therefore, I am also very pleased that, 

I will be glad if you talk to me about the food or come into the kitchen to see directly for yourselves. I will gladly welcome you.

For the Goldie Team
Chef Martin Svatek

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