Weddings at Hotel Nautilus

Jan and Eva 12. 07. 2014 (click for a photogallery)
'Our decision has clear basis. When we invite friends and family, we know they appreciate the same things we do - food. Our choice clearly narrowed down to one of the few restaurants that want to deal with a real kitchen. We had no idea that manager Ms. Michala will be available daily at any hour absolutely for one hundred percent. Her and the entire team of the Goldie restaurant we can be grateful that everything went exactly as we expected from the hotel Nautilus. Thanks again for a memorable experience and excellent cuisine of Chef Martin Svatek.'

Jan and Eva

Tomáš and Kristýna 31. 08. 2013 (click for a photogallery)
'Wedding at the hotel Nautilus was a great choice for us. We had an excellent service here and we met all of our requirements - our wish for the Wedding Ceremony in the park, decorations and food, all was perfectly prepared and organized. Many thanks to manager Miss Michala for her incredible willingness to negotiation regarding the details of the wedding and for the whole wedding day that she organized. Additional thanks go to Chef Martin Svatek for the perfect dining experience for us and our guests. We must also commend the waiters and waitresses who were very friendly and helpful. We recommend future newlyweds to book a room at the hotel the day before the Wedding and have time and comfort enough to prepare for the Wedding Day during the morning. With this, we avoid unnecessary wedding stress.'

Thank you!
Kristýna and Tomáš

Jeroen and Kirsten 10. 05. 2013 (click for a photogallery)
'Getting married abroad means a lot organization. Nautilus has really helped us here. Appointments with the wedding location, transportation for our guests and paperwork for public authorities. All our guests stayed at the hotel, we had a great dinner and an afterpaty in the wine cellar. Our friends and family are still talking about this wonderful place!'

Klára and Tomáš 27. 08. 2011 (click for a photogallery)