The Hotel building was built around 1871, when a miller named Jan Hrubes tore down the existing building and built in its place a large tenement house. On this site previously was house No. 20, known first as “Zabkovsky” and later “white” in reference to its lack of sgrafiti. It was built sometime at the beginning of the 16th century and saw a great many important owners and functions in its almost 400 year history, including lodgings for soldiers, classrooms, post-offices and the town hall and on regular intervals flats. It was privately owned until 1710 when it was sold to the municipality and the first floor was converted into lodgings for soldiers and on the second floor they sold beer! In 1884, one class from the principal school was relocated there, and the post office also had its main office in the building. For some time the house also served as a town hall, primarily used for the law court until the buildings destruction in 1871.

In 2002 a British couple, Angie and Neil Harbury, commenced the reconstruction of the building. This was a large renovation and design project and it was not until March in 2006 that they opened Hotel Nautilus and Restaurant Goldie. They have created a unique 22 bedroom, 4-star Boutique Hotel delivering high levels of comfort and cuisine.

It sets new standards for Bohemia and provides a great resting place for visitors to the Czech Republic.

The hotel itself is a work of art. Each room is individually decorated with all work being carried out by local craftsmen and artisans, which are both plentiful and skilled in Bohemia. The decor is influenced by the couple’s background as geologists; each room contains a unique rock or fossil. Ancient stone and antique Art Nouveau and Deco furniture and lights are combined with original works of art & sculpture from both Bohemia and England. This blend of contemporary design and restored furniture provides our guests with an experience they will not forget.