What is Bohemia? 'Tis the mystic land,
Where kindred souls can grasp the friendly hand,
Where business cares, like flitting shadows pass
And disappear above the social glass,
Where doubts and fears, that all our pleasures mar,
Float off in clouds of smoke from your cigar.
It is a realm where every man is king
And friendship's smile a princely offering.

James Clarence Harvey. In Bohemia. 1905

Tábor is excellently placed to explore southern Bohemia offering peaceful countryside, extensive forests, rivers, lakes and idyllic villages. Nearby towns are packed full of history and wonderful Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture. There are literally dozens of the most stunning castles within an hour’s drive. Prague and Cesky Krumlov are within 1.5 hours and can be easily reached by road or train. Hotel Nautilus provides an ideal location for a wonderful romantic or active holiday in Bohemia. All who visit will appreciate that there’s more to the Czech Republic than Prague.